AISPEECH M4 Bluetooth Speakerphone Conference Microphone with AI Noise Reduction Full-Duplex AI Transcription USB Speakerphone 360° Voice Pickup Conference Speaker Home Office for Teams/Zoom, Black

AISPEECH M4 Bluetooth Speakerphone Conference Microphone with AI Noise Reduction Full-Duplex AI Transcription USB Speakerphone 360° Voice Pickup Conference Speaker Home Office for Teams/Zoom, Black

AISPEECH M4 Bluetooth Speakerphone Conference Microphone with AI Noise Reduction Full-Duplex AI Transcription USB Speakerphone 360° Voice Pickup Conference Speaker Home Office for Teams/Zoom, Black

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    AISPEECH is a professional conversational AI platform company equipped with end-to-end intelligent voice and language technology. We have independently developed a new generation of human-machine interaction platform (DUI) and an artificial intelligence chip (TH1520). We provide natural language interaction solutions for various industry scenarios, including connected cars, IoT, government affairs, finance, and more.

    Who founded AISPEECH?

    The founding team of AISPEECH hails from the University of Cambridge, bringing top-notch expertise in AI and linguistics. Over the course of 16 years, AISPEECH has devoted significant resources to AI technology research and development.

    What is AISPEECH’s mission ?

    AISPEECH is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI technology to create a more connected world, redefining the future of AI-driven conversations.

    What is ClearSpeakAI ?

    “ClearSpeakAI” is a series of AI voice technologies that set new standards for speech clarity and user experience in natural language interaction.

    M4 BlackM4 Black

    M4 Conference Speakerphone

    M4 Bluetooth SpeakerphoneM4 Bluetooth Speakerphone

    M4 Bluetooth Speakerphone

    【AI Transcription】Use with the “notta” app, it can provide you AI transcription for real-time speech-to-text conversio. It includes real-time recording transcription, transcription of audio files, AI-generated full-text summaries, AI-assisted writing, remote meeting recording, real-time subtitle interpretation and more. Cater a wide range of office needs across multiple scenarios, devices, and formats. Enhance efficiency and intelligentize your meeting experience.
    【360° Omnidirectional Voice Pickup】The M4 conference speaker features a 360°omnidirectional Voice Pickup function that is equipped with 4x microphones array and intelligent Hi-Fi speakers. It can pick up clear audio up to 16ft range and amplify sound, providing a richer and fuller sound compared to regular speakers. This ensures that all 5-6 participants sitting in various corners of a large conference room can hear every single word without missing any details.
    【AI-Powered Noise Reduction】Say goodbye to noisy conference calls with our M4 speakerphone! This M4 bluetooth speakerphone is equipped with advanced AI technology that has been trained on thousands of hours of real-world conference call data. By intelligently differentiating between human voices and ambient noises, common background noises in the workplace, such as mouse or keyboard clicks, loud conversations and other noise, can be effectively reduced. Ideal for office or home working.
    【Full-Duplex Communication】What’s the Difference Between Half-Duplex and Full-Duplex? A full-duplex speakerphone setup allows multiple users to communicate simultaneously, a half-duplex system only allows one party to speak at any given time. Just like a walkie-talkie. Introducing M4 speakerphone with AI-powered voice enhancement technology, ensuring seamless full-duplex communication. Say goodbye to the chaos of shouting and crowded conversations during conference calls. Every participant can s
    【Stable Connection】 M4 conference speakerphone is plug-and-play via USB and pairs easily with Bluetooth or NFC. No drivers are needed for this computer/laptop/mobile speaker with microphone, making it compatible with popular conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Teams, WebEx and more. Lightweight and portable, our conference speakerphone provides up to 10 hours of battery life on one charge.

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Hey there, fellow tech enthusiast! So, you’re in the market for a game-changing conference speakerphone, eh? Well, buckle up because the AISPEECH M4 Bluetooth Speakerphone is about to blow your mind!

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details. First off, let’s talk AI Transcription. This bad boy is compatible with the “notta” app, providing you real-time speech-to-text conversion, transcription of audio files, and even AI-generated full-text summaries. It’s like having your very own secretary on demand!

But wait, there’s more! The 360° Omnidirectional Voice Pickup is a game-changer. With its 4x microphones array and intelligent Hi-Fi speakers, it can pick up clear audio up to a 16ft range. No more worries about mumbling participants in your conference calls!

And the AI-Powered Noise Reduction? It’s a lifesaver. Say goodbye to the chaos of keyboard clicks and loud conversations in the background. This speakerphone intelligently filters out all those distracting noises, ensuring crystal-clear communication.

But here’s the real kicker – the Full-Duplex Communication. With this feature, multiple users can communicate simultaneously, eliminating those awkward moments of talking over each other. It’s like a seamless dance of conversation, keeping things smooth and professional.

And last but not least, the Stable Connection is a winner. Whether you’re plugging it in via USB or pairing it with Bluetooth or NFC, this speakerphone is a breeze to set up. No drivers needed, just instant compatibility with all your favorite conferencing platforms.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s lightweight and portable, with up to 10 hours of battery life on one charge? Talk about convenience!

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – where to snag this gem? Well, my friends, I stumbled upon this stellar find at Fat Kid Deals – a treasure trove for tech deals. And let me tell you, Fat Kid Reviews gives it two thumbs up!

So there you have it, folks. The AISPEECH M4 Bluetooth Speakerphone is a game-changer for your office or home office setup. With its AI-powered wizardry, it’s like having a personal assistant, an audio engineer, and a connectivity guru all rolled into one sleek package. You won’t regret adding this powerhouse to your arsenal of productivity tools!

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