Microfiber Dish Towels – Soft, Super Absorbent and Lint Free Kitchen Towels – 8 Pack (Lattice Designed Gray Colors) – 26 x 18 Inch

Microfiber Dish Towels – Soft, Super Absorbent and Lint Free Kitchen Towels – 8 Pack (Lattice Designed Gray Colors) – 26 x 18 Inch

Microfiber Dish Towels - Soft, Super Absorbent and Lint Free Kitchen Towels - 8 Pack (Lattice Designed Gray Colors) - 26 x 18 Inch

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    HYER KITCHEN is one fast growing retail business providing quality products in the category of Home and Kitchen. Our goal is to improving the quality and making new design of kitchen towels.

    If you like to try high quality dish towels, you would better choose our dish towels since we improve the quality of products according to the feedback of our customers all the time.

    Checkboard Kitchen Towels Set

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    Stripe Dish Towels Set

    Stripe Dish Towels Set

    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


    SUPER ABSORBENT – Microfiber material provides super absorbent water ability of the towels which could absorb water 6 times of itself.
    GENEROUSLY SIZED – Each towel measures 26 x 18 inches perfect size. This dish towel is oversize and good for kitchen as kitchen napkins.
    DURABLE & GOOD SHAPE – With excellent sewing process, the kitchen towel can always stay in a good shape after thrown into a washer. Color fading and shrink will not happen all the time even after tons of washing.
    THICK & SOFT – Superior-quality, luxuriously soft, thick and plush. According to the needs of consumers, we improve the microfiber kitchen towel feeling softer and thicker.
    SPECIAL TIPS – Recommended to wash the kitchen towels before use. The absorbency will increase with each wash.

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Hey there, fancy a chat about dish towels? Well, buckle up because I’ve got something to tell you about these Microfiber Dish Towels from HYER KITCHEN that’ll make you want to grab a set for yourself right away!

So, picture this: you’ve just whipped up a storm in the kitchen, and now it’s time to clean up. That’s where these bad boys come in. Made from super absorbent microfiber material, these towels can soak up water 6 times its own weight! Yep, you heard it right – these babies are like thirsty sponges ready to mop up any mess in their path.

But wait, there’s more! These towels are generously sized at 26 x 18 inches, making them perfect for any kitchen task. Because, let’s face it, no one likes a dinky little towel that can’t handle the heat. Plus, with excellent sewing and durable construction, these babies can withstand numerous washes without losing their shape or color.

And the best part? They’re thick, soft, and plush, giving you that luxurious feel you deserve. It’s like wrapping yourself in a cloud of softness every time you use them. Oh, and did I mention the stylish lattice design in cool gray colors? Yep, these towels aren’t just functional, they’re easy on the eyes too.

But here’s a little tip – give them a wash before using them to amp up their absorbency. And speaking of tips, I snagged this deal from Fat Kid Deals and boy, am I glad I did! If you want to catch a sweet deal like I did, hit up Fat Kid Reviews – they’ve got the scoop on the best deals in town.

In a nutshell, if you’re on the hunt for top-notch, high-quality dish towels, then look no further than HYER KITCHEN’s Microfiber Dish Towels. With their super absorbent, lint-free, and durable design, they’ll become your kitchen’s new best friend. So go ahead, treat yourself to a set and elevate your kitchen game – you won’t be disappointed. Trust me, Fat Kid Reviews doesn’t steer you wrong, and neither do these fantastic dish towels!

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