Scotch Magic Tape, Invisible, Repair Christmas Cards and Use as Holiday Gift Wrap Supplies for Christmas, 6 Tape Rolls With Dispensers

Scotch Magic Tape, Invisible, Repair Christmas Cards and Use as Holiday Gift Wrap Supplies for Christmas, 6 Tape Rolls With Dispensers

Scotch Magic Tape, Invisible, Repair Christmas Cards and Use as Holiday Gift Wrap Supplies for Christmas, 6 Tape Rolls With Dispensers

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    Scotch Magic Tape lets you magically mend the many rips and tears of the holiday season – securely, permanently and invisibly. The original matte-finish invisible tape uses unique 3M adhesive technology to bond tightly with paper and disappear without a trace. It’s the ideal clear tape for permanent, secure paper mending, whether you’re wrapping Christmas presents, fixing gift boxes, making homemade gifts or creating holiday decorations. Easy to apply, this office tape is photo-safe for worry-free mounting or mending of holiday photo cards. You can even write on this adhesive tape with a pen, pencil or marker, making it easy to label holiday items. With the easy-to-use Scotch tape dispenser (included), Scotch Magic Tape rolls out smoothly and cuts easily with no time, energy or tape wasted. These dispensers are a convenient addition to holiday supplies. Make an eco-conscious choice: refill and reuse the included hand-held office tape dispenser with Scotch Brand Tape. The best projects start with the No. 1-selling home and office tape (based on 2022 NPD data).
    INVISIBLE TAPE: 6 rolls of Scotch Magic Tape with dispenser mends rips and tears acquired during the holidays securely, permanently and invisibly
    BONDS SECURELY: Clear tape that gives you a strong, secure and permanent seal using trusted 3M adhesive technology, making it the perfect option for mounting Christmas cards or wrapping holiday gifts
    BLENDS IN: Matte finish and invisible, this tape blends in with paper, making it a great addition to your holiday supplies
    IDEAL FOR: Use this office tape for permanent, secure paper mending, including mounting, quick fixes, project additions and repairing holiday decorations
    REFILLABLE TAPE DISPENSERS INCLUDED: Tape glides off easy-to-use Scotch tape dispensers (included) smoothly and cuts easily
    ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: This photo-safe tape is easy to apply; Plus, you can write on it with a pen, pencil or marker for easy labeling
    Ideal for marker-proof, tear-proof and spill-proof paper items that you want to last
    Recommended to use with Scotch Thermal Laminators
    *Do not sanitize pouches before the lamination. Test a small amount in a corner before use, especially on important documents. Do not use acetone

Technical Details:

Technical Details

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Hey there, holiday magician! If you’re looking for a way to mend and command the chaos of the holiday season, look no further than Scotch Magic Tape. This invisible tape, available in a pack of 6 rolls with easy-to-use dispensers, is like a wizard’s wand for all your paper needs.

Picture this: You’re knee-deep in wrapping paper, tangled ribbons, and torn Christmas cards. But fear not! Scotch Magic Tape is here to work its 3M adhesive technology magic and make all those rips and tears disappear – permanently and invisibly. It’s like a superhero cape for all your holiday mishaps!

With its matte finish and invisible nature, this clear tape seamlessly blends in with paper, making it the ultimate holiday gift wrap and card repair essential. And the best part? You can write on it with a pen, pencil, or marker, making labeling your holiday items a breeze. Say goodbye to messy, sticky labels – Scotch Magic Tape has got you covered!

But here’s the real kicker – these refillable tape dispensers are a game changer. No more fumbling and wasting time trying to find the end of the tape roll. Just glide the tape off the dispenser smoothly, cut it easily, and get back to your holiday magic-making in no time.

Now, let’s talk eco-friendly magic. Not only is Scotch Magic Tape ideal for mending and securing your holiday paper creations, but it’s also photo-safe and refillable. Plus, it’s tear-proof, marker-proof, and spill-proof, ensuring your holiday memories and creations last a lifetime.

In summary, Scotch Magic Tape is the No. 1-selling home and office tape for a reason. It’s the trusty sidekick every holiday magician needs – reliable, invisible, and ready to make all your paper dreams come true. And guess what? You can thank “Fat Kid Deals” for introducing us to this amazing find! Want to hear more about hidden gems like this one? Check out Fat Kid Reviews for more magical discoveries!

In conclusion, Scotch Magic Tape is the holiday hero you’ve been waiting for. So go ahead, wave your tape dispenser like a magic wand and let the holiday enchantment begin!

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