Wakoli Edib Damascus Knife Santoku with Sharp 6.7 Inch Blade made of 67 Layers Steel with VG10 Core I Professional Kitchen Knife made of Genuine Damascus Steel with Pakka Wood Handle

Wakoli Edib Damascus Knife Santoku with Sharp 6.7 Inch Blade made of 67 Layers Steel with VG10 Core I Professional Kitchen Knife made of Genuine Damascus Steel with Pakka Wood Handle

Wakoli Edib Damascus Knife Santoku with Sharp 6.7 Inch Blade made of 67 Layers Steel with VG10 Core I Professional Kitchen Knife made of Genuine Damascus Steel with Pakka Wood Handle

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    Wakoli EDIB Santoku knief made of Japanese Damascus steel VG-10 with Pakka wood handle in gift box


    Damascus knives from Wakoli: Art and craftsmanship

    Our Wakoli Edib Damascus kitchen knives are considered to be among the sharpest knife series in the world. We emphasize the tradition of Japanese blacksmithing and the perfect combination of high-quality raw materials, such as pakka, olive or rosewood for our noble handles.

    Our different series not only offer the right knife for every taste, but also for every demand. Whether you are a hobby chef or professional – you will be completely delighted with the quality, sharpness and design of our knives!


    Kitchen knife in premium wooden gift box

    Wakoli knives are available in a wide range of variants and sizes, from Office knives to Santoku knives to Chef’s knives – by the way, they also come in handy sets of three to six knives! All Wakoli knives are delivered in a high-quality gift box, which is suitable for storage and gift giving.

    Wakoli EDIB Santoku knief




    The blade: super sharp and durable

    The blade of Wakoli Edib Kitchen knives made of Damascus steel hardness (60±2HRC) ensures long-lasting sharpness and effortless cutting.

    The handle: beautiful and ergonomic

    The knife handles made of carefully selected pakka wood grants pleasant hand feeling and ergonomic work.

    The right knife for every kitchen

    The Santoku knife is characterized by its flexible application possibilities. A true all-rounder, whether for cutting meat, fish or vegetables. This also explains the name: Santoku stands for san = three and toku = virtues. The knife of the three virtues.


    The unique structure of the damask blades makes each knife set from the Wakoli Edib collection truly unique.

    With this handy 3-piece set of Santoku, small Santoku and Office knife you are perfectly equipped for everyday cooking. Whether vegetables, meat, fish or fruit – cutting and peeling is effortless and simply fun!


    Wakoli Edib Serise small Santoku knife

    Well balanced with ergonomic handle made of pakkal wood, the small santoku knife of the Wakoli Edib series is comfortable to use. Whether for cutting meat, fish, vegetables or fruit, the small Santoku knife is distinctive for its flexible application capabilities.


    Wakoli Edib Serise Office knife

    The Office knife from the series “Wakoli Edib” is particularly well suited for cutting fruit and vegetables. It is small, practical and yet fits very well in the hand. With the small narrow and pointed blade, it is still versatile and is also very popular with professionals for decorative carvings.


    Wakoli Edib Serise Chef knife

    Chef’s knife from the series “Wakoli Edib” is the first choice of the chef, because it combines the most diverse applications in one practical tool. The long and at the same time wide blade is divided into different zones, with which you will achieve very good results when cutting vegetables, cutting meat or cutting herbs.


    Wakoli Edib Serise 3-piece knife set


    Wakoli Edib Serise small Santoku knife


    Wakoli Edib Serise Office knife


    Wakoli Edib Serise Chef knife

    Type of knife
    Wakoli Chef Knife Mikata Serise Wakoli Mikata Serise 4-piece knife set Wakoli Edib Serise 3-piece knife set Wakoli Edib Serise 4-piece knife set Wakoli Edib Serise 6-piece knife set Wakoli Paka Serise 4-piece knife set

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    You will be amazed!

    Choose an Oleio product from our large selections and enjoy the outstanding quality for a lifetime!

    🔪 KNIFE CHARACTERISTICS – The professional santoku knife with pakka wood handle has a knife length of 30 cm and a pure knife blade length of 17 cm. Due to the blade geometry of the cutting edge, the knife can be used for cradle cut and chop cut.
    🔪 RAZOR KNIFE SHARP – Thanks to the VG10 cutting core, a blade hardness of 60±2 HRC is achieved. The special heat treatment of the blades with over 800° C and the cold treatment with nitrogen at -150°C gets the most out of the high quality blade steel. The blades of these knives are ground and polished by hand for optimum cutting performance. This ensures that their professional kitchen knife is sharp and stays sharp for a long time.
    🔪 ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Best balanced Santoku for meat, fruit, vegetables, sushi and sashimi. The ergonomically shaped handle made of pakka wood and the balance ensure fatigue-free work in the kitchen. The attractive design of the knives makes them not only functional, but also an eye-catcher in the kitchen. The careful workmanship and attention to detail help make the knives precise and functional.
    🔪 PERFECT AS A GIFT – The professional Damascus kitchen knife is the perfect gift idea. Thanks to the beautiful gift box, the damask knife can be given directly as a gift and is a great joy for every ambitious cook! The Damascus chef’s knife is a special gift for men, women and knife lovers!
    🔪 EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE – At Wakoli, we have experience in manufacturing knives and have a team of experts who know how to produce high quality Damascus blades. Through our experience, we have developed the knowledge and skills to produce kitchen knives that meet the needs of professional and amateur chefs. We take feedback from our customers seriously and use it to constantly improve our range.

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Hey there! So, I recently stumbled upon this incredible Wakoli Edib Damascus Knife Santoku and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for anyone who loves being in the kitchen. This is not your average run-of-the-mill knife – it’s a work of art and a testament to the craft of Japanese blacksmithing. Made of 67 layers of steel with a VG10 core, this knife is built to last. The sharp 6.7-inch blade is like a samurai sword in the kitchen, effortlessly slicing through anything in its path.

Let’s talk about the handle – crafted from Pakka wood, it’s not only beautiful to look at but also provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip. It’s like holding a piece of fine craftsmanship in your hand every time you use it. Plus, it comes in a premium wooden gift box, making it the perfect present for the foodie in your life.

And the versatility of this knife? Phenomenal. Whether you’re slicing, dicing, or chopping, the Santoku’s got you covered. It’s truly the knife of the three virtues, just like its name suggests. And here’s the kicker – you can get it in a 3-piece set with a small Santoku and Office knife. That’s like having a dream team of knives right at your fingertips!

To top it all off, the attention to detail in the craftsmanship is second to none. It’s like wielding a piece of excellence with every slice. The blade’s hardness and sharpness will blow you away, and it stays that way for a long time. Plus, the attractive design makes it a real eye-catcher in the kitchen.

This Wakoli Edib Damascus Knife Santoku is truly a cut above the rest. It’s a professional chef’s dream, a home cook’s best friend, and a must-have for anyone who appreciates quality in the kitchen. So, if you want to take your cooking game to the next level, grab one of these bad boys today. And guess what? I found this gem on Fat Kid Deals – they never disappoint when it comes to finding great products at amazing prices. Check them out and thank me later. And be sure to visit Fat Kid Reviews for more amazing finds like this. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

In conclusion, I can’t recommend this knife enough. It’s the real deal, and it’s about to become your go-to kitchen essential. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your slicing and dicing game with this Wakoli Edib Damascus Knife Santoku. Happy cooking!

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